Your Tournamnent Your Rules

When we say this, we mean it. We are looking for students who are ready to bring back competitive football within their University halls.

By representing the SetPlay badge, you will be bringing our platform to life by hosting and running your own tournaments! In 2018 we are looking to change the way that football is played and our Ambassadors will play a major role in that.

Be an entrepreneur

Gain valuable skills and make uncapped earnings as a SetPlay University Ambassador programme. As an ambassador, you will engage students whilst being the face of the brand.

As a lead voice in our SetPlay community, you will also have the ability to plan, manage and deliver tournaments with the aim of growing the SetPlay community. If you would like to gain experience within sports management, event management, marketing and you have a love for the game, then this is the role for you.

You are the genius behind our growth. You are the link between our players and the app. You will have ideas and execute, more assists than chances created!
You will be able to balance multiple tasks at once. The campus is your oyster and you will have the ability to cover all areas, reaching out to as many people as possible
Target Man
You will be the face of your brand. With that said, you will take full leadership of your team whilst converting every chance you get to succeed.
Grow the SetPlay brand
Reach out to the players who aren’t able to reach out to other players by themselves.
Reach out to the players who have rivalries within their halls.
Reach out to the players who haven’t played in years and are looking to reignite their interest.

By using our app, players will now be able to come together and communicate with ease! Our ambassadors will need to be on hand to ensure that everybody using SetPlay is having the best experience possible.

How to be successful
Spot opportunities for growth and action plans to aid it
Listen to feedback from players within your grounds. The SetPlay Forum will allow players to log in and leave feedback on events that they have attended!
Wear the badge with pride!
Network with people

It could be the referees, the sports managers at campus or the players. Whoever it may be, SetPlay Ambassadors will need to be able to manage each line of communication in order to run a successful tournament. We will do everything to support you, we just need people who are ready to give their all!

The Broad Picture
Manage your team by looking for opportunities to work with people, teaching them the skills that you have gained from previous events.
Leave a good impression of the brand whilst maintaining healthy relationships
As we grow, you will be in a position of leadership in a global SetPlay community
Have fun and learn

SetPlay is looking to shake up the way football is played forever. There is plenty of opportunities to grow as not only a student but as a manager.

You will gain employable skills that will help you as you continue to decide what career paths you want to follow. Whether it is with SetPlay or another company, you will have fun in the process by becoming a SetPlay University Ambassador.

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