What We Do

SetPlay is a platform for players to easily find football tournaments around them to join with their squads.

On the other hand, organisers are able to upload their football tournaments and attract users to play in a very simple and efficient way. By creating this platform, we want to open the door for organisers to promote their tournaments directly to players and start generating an income. For players, we want to create a place where they can easily find games to play in a streamlined and easy way.

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Our Mission
Our aim is to have more people play on their local pitches and cages. Essentially, SetPlay will bring back the spirit of organized, competitive, small-sided football.
Play with
your squad

Find and join tournaments happening around you at any time, then send the invite out to your friends to get involved. All that’s left is to pay - all done safely and securely through the app - and you’re good to go and enjoy the game.


Organisers are the champions of our communities, with all the power in making the game happen. We believe those organisers should be rewarded, which is why the more they organise, the more they earn. Uncapped.

So, you’ve set the rules, you’ve added your branding to make it yours. You decide whether you want to invite teams, or make it public for anyone to enter and it couldn’t be easier to select participants.

How are you going to manage the payments? You already know; all through SetPlay.
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